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High Level Architecture



Evolven collects granular information using Agents. The Agents send collected data to the Evolven Server via an HTTPs connection or save it as a local file for later import into the central repository. The Agents are armed with a number of fail-safe mechanisms, protecting resources of the scanned environments. For example, you can cap the CPU resources available for the Agent during a scan. The Agent then will monitor itself, pacing all the queries to not exceed the defined CPU threshold.

Agents are available in several operation modes: local, remote and standalone (suited to environments that are isolated from the central network).



For deeper insights, Evolven integrates out-of-the-box with various existing IT Monitoring, IT Management and Automation tools. The integrations are bi-directional, allowing for data to be streamed into Evolven as well as feeding analytics insights into the integrated tools.


The Evolven Analytics Engine handles agent management, data processing and analytics, and UI requests. All the collected data is stored in a central database.


Evolven is delivered either using Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or on-premise models based on security requirements and policies.


Evolven provides an interactive web-based UI. In addition, insights generated by the Evolven Server can be distributed as offline reports or alerts delivered as an e-mail or through any other means used by an organization for IT operations alerting.