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The Truth is Out There - Debunking Myths About Unauthorized Changes

Welcome to another episode (2) of the “IT galactic” saga of Unauthorized Change Objects (UCOs). Today, we'll be setting out on a mission to debunk the myths surrounding these elusive entities - a mission that’s sometimes trickier than explaining a UFO sighting to the United States Congress.


The Alien Invasion on IT: How Unauthorized Changes Could be Sabotaging your Business

Buckle up your seatbelts, as we embark on a thrilling voyage in this first blog of a series into the most mysterious and uncharted realms of IT - the uncanny world of Unauthorized Change Objects (UCOs)! Yes, these are the silent invaders that can make your IT infrastructure feel like an episode of 'The X-Files', complete with alien invaders (UCOs) wreaking havoc left, right, and center.


Staying Compliant in the Cloud Just Got Easier with Configuration Risk Intelligence

For highly regulated industries like financial services, healthcare, and government, adopting the cloud can seem scary. How do you stay compliant in the cloud and achieve complete configuration visibility and control? The secret lies in harnessing the power of configuration intelligence.


3 Shocking Cloud Security Truths That Could Cost Your Business Millions

Embracing the cloud? Let's ensure it's a smooth sail, not a stormy ride. Here are 3 eye-opening cloud security facts every CISO and his staff need to know:


The Unseen Culprit Behind IT Outages: Configuration Drift

In today's fast-paced and interconnected digital landscape, IT outages can have catastrophic implications for large enterprises. Whether it's a halt in operations, a damaged reputation, or a dent in the bottom line, the ramifications are vast and often hard to quantify.


5 Key Advantages of Evolven Integrity Monitoring Over Legacy FIM

In the realm of IT operations, compliance, and security, file integrity monitoring (FIM) has been a bedrock detective control at the foundations of best practice since the 1990’s. However, when it comes to optimizing change and configuration controls for the rapidly changing, modern hybrid multi-cloud environments we manage today, Evolven excels in several key areas. In this technical blog, we'll explore five aspects where Evolven Integrity Monitoring outperforms legacy FIM, providing enterprises with enhanced visibility, efficiency, and security.


Avoiding cross-application risk with enterprise-wide visibility

An Intellyx BrainBlog for Evolven, by Jason English

Most of us have never had to think about enterprise digital risk, in all its forms.

Until recently, only a select council of IT executives needed observability into a broad range of potential software and hardware problems. They would all get together for a quarterly or monthly risk management review board meeting, either in person or on a very long, monotonous conference bridge.


Advancing Development Efforts: Developing for T+1 Settlements


In the fast-paced world of financial services, where transactions occur at lightning speed, settlement processes play a vital role. Traditionally, trade settlements used to occur on a T+2 (Trade Date plus two business days) basis. However, with the evolving technology landscape and growing demands for real-time transactions to mitigate risks, the industry has embraced the challenge of transitioning to a T+1 settlement cycle by May 28th, 2024. To meet this shift requires significant development efforts to ensure seamless and efficient operations. In this blog post, we will explore the development initiatives being undertaken by financial institutions to meet T+1 settlement requirements.


Beyond the Checklist

Managing Configurations to Mitigate Availability, Compliance, and Cybersecurity Risk

Along with making and saving money, managing risk is one of the top three priorities for any executive. As with financial motivations, dealing with risk must percolate through the entire organization. Everyone is responsible for managing the risks within their respective purviews.


Unleashing the Power of AI: The Synergy of Evolven and ChatGPT

The field of artificial intelligence (AI) is witnessing a surge of interest in a subfield known as generative AI. Generative AI refers to models that can generate new content, whether it's a piece of text, an image, or even a piece of music. These models learn patterns from existing data and use this knowledge to create new data that's similar but not identical, much like an artist might learn to paint by studying the works of masters and then create their own unique paintings.

Generative AI is generating both excitement and fear. The excitement comes from the potential applications. Imagine a model that can write a new novel in the style of your favorite author, or compose a piece of music in the style of Mozart. The possibilities are endless, and the potential for creativity is enormous.