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The Kung Fu of Change Risk Intelligence

“I seek not to know the answers but to understand the questions.” - Kwai Chang Caine, AKA grasshopper in Kung Fu TV Series

“Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never seek the light.” - Bruce Lee, Martial Arts Master, and Creator of Jeet Kune Do


What is Value Stream Management and Why Is It Important for DevOps

Software delivery poses new challenges for teams across all types of large enterprises due to  increasing complexity. However, such deliveries must continue because they are a core part of operations.

Leading software companies and large enterprises alike can’t stop innovating or pushing for faster development because the need to perform and  remain competitive is ever present. To do this, you must offer greater value for your clients while using fewer resources. This can be difficult due to the challenges associated with aligning business objectives with IT operations.


What are Zero Day Threats and How to Handle Them?

What are Zero Day Threats?

A zero day threat or zero day exploit is an attack which takes advantage of a vulnerability in a program. This is essentially a security hole that doesn’t have a patch or fix in place. When the flaw is discovered, developers have zero days to fix it. This is due to the potentially hundreds or thousands of hackers looking to exploit such vulnerabilities in software.


It’s Time to Turn and Face the Changes…

(Turn and face the strain)
(Oh, look out you rock 'n rollers)” – David Bowie

“It's been a long
A long time coming
But I know a change gonna come
Oh, yes it will” – Sam Cooke


10 Ways AI Can Help Enterprise IT

Businesses around the world have recognized the benefits of AI for IT. A Narrative Science and the National Business Research Institute survey showed that 61% of companies surveyed, adopted AI in 2018. That same survey showed that the number had increased dramatically in comparison to 2017, when adoption stood at only 38%. The latest reports by McKinsey and IBM show that AI adoption is continuing at a steady pace. Both reports show that a majority of companies have now adopted AI in some shape or form.


What is SRE and 6 Reasons You Should Care

Ever since Google first implemented SRE in 2003, thousands of site reliability engineers were hired by the company. Google’s authoritative implementation of this operations methodology has motivated others to follow suit.


5 Ways Leading IT-Focused Giants Have Adopted a DevOps Culture

DevOps models have redefined how many enterprise organizations perform business operations. This combination of philosophies, tools, and practices is supposed to improve your ability to swiftly provide services and applications to your customers and end users. And this improved efficiency enables you to offer better customer service and gain a competitive edge in your respective markets.


Is Observability Just Application Monitoring with a New Name?

Observability and Application Performance Monitoring (APM) are two important practices for understanding and optimizing performance. These approaches are similar to one another, so it’s not uncommon for people to use these terms interchangeably. However, APM is just one of the steps utilized in certain types of observability practices and technologies.


Anticipate the Impact of Risky Changes and Prevent Harm

“Principles of Risk Management:
1) Don’t do anything wrong today
2) Don’t do anything wrong tomorrow
3) Repeat”
–Randy Glasbergen


Looking for Log4j in All the Wrong Places

Deep in the weeds of application architecture, a somewhat obscure, but highly pervasive utility known as Log4j was being secretly subverted by the exploit Log4Shell. Suddenly Log4j, something of concern to Java developers was being discussed on major media and social networks.