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Traditional Change Management is Dead. Here’s what the New Change Management looks like

Bob Dylan’s infamous lyrics, "The times they are a-changin", though recorded in 1964, are more relevant than ever.


Stories from the Trenches - How Sirius Achieved Automated Change Control

So you are migrating to the cloud.

Your team is ready to embrace the increased agility, flexibility, and scalability; benefits the industry has promised native cloud, DevOps, and agile will provide.


How Inventory Configuration Analytics Stopped a Security Breach

A financial institution recently deployed Evolven’s new Inventory Analytics feature.


Planned vs. Actual Change: Why is IT still Flying Blind when it comes to Changes?

An application is moved to production, but its connection string still points to the staging database.


My Cloud Environment is Always Changing - How Do I Track That Change and Why Should I Care About It?

Many organizations move to the cloud to take advantage of economies of scale and cloud elasticity, modernize their processes using agile methodologies, and move from monolithic applications to a microservice-based architecture.


The Time for Change is Now: How Businesses can go from Responsive to Proactive with Change Awareness

“The Time for Change is Now” was the reigning theme of this year’s PagerDuty Summit, held virtually on September 21-24, 2020.


DevOps, CI/CD & Cloud are Accelerating the Speed of Change. How can you maintain control?

IT is pushing out more changes than ever before, as practices and technologies supporting them, like DevOps, Agile, CI/CD and Cloud allow us to move faster than ever before.


How Change Awareness is Essential for Adopting Change as a Core Competency

At Intellyx, we like to point out that today’s digital transformation differs from the business transformation fads of the past because it has no end state. There’s no time when organizations can sit back and say that they are digitally transformed. Instead, digital transformation recognizes that change is ongoing, expected, and never-ending.


How to Use Anomaly and Causality Analysis to Determine Root-Cause

Today, enterprises are recognizing the importance of providing uninterrupted digital services as customers rely on them for their daily work and living.

However, technology is never infallible, especially as IT environments today are becoming more and more complex and agile, with millions of changes being implemented on a daily basis across the enterprise cloud.


The 6 Elements of Digital Cultural Transformation & Improved Productivity

As a partner of ServiceNow, our team missed going to Vegas this year for the annual Knowledge conference. However, one of the advantages of moving the conference online is its vast channel of breakouts and discussions available to view on demand at any time.

The keynote that every CIO needs to tune into is “Building a Digital Culture” presented by Richard Murphy, Editor in Chief at ServiceNow.