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2017 Will Be the Year Of Chatbots for IT Operations


2017 Will Be the Year Of Chatbots for IT Operations


Managing More Data Than Humans Can Track Across the IT Landscape

IT operations continues to grow more complex every year. Thedaily challenges that IT organizations face are increasing,, while the staff needed to resolve these issues is decreasing. The massive amount of data flowing through today’s IT organizations puts new pressures on teams to not only maintain high application performance and stability, but also deliver value to the business side. Most of these issues can be traced to the fact that organizations weren’t alerted to or aware of emerging issues. But what if they could?

Machine learning is helping to identify problems, detecting issues that are not identifiable and contributing with root cause analysis by showing the most critical metrics.

E-commerce site response came to a crawl with sites such as the Disney Store taking 1165% longer to load than usual. The Target site, according to BI, took 991% longer.

While machine data contains valuable insights that can help improve operations, it still needs to be processed and ultimately presented to IT operations in a useful format.

Adoption of AI-driven tools Help Maintain Operational Analytics

As more organizations strive to take advantage of data, AI-driven tools, like chatbots are helping to maintain operational analytics. “Experts predict that artificial intelligence and machine learning will be an aid for companies in their problem solving, decision making processes, and operational optimization.” (Chatbots Magazine)

Chatbots, a computer program which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods, are coming to help break down siloes and provide targeted data that can help every department. “This digital transformation is happening, even in organizational structures that face challenges with other formats of real-time communication.” (Forbes)

Chatbots – The Big Tech Trend for 2017

2017 stands to be defined by a paradigm shift towards the adoption of cognitive-driven tools, applying machine learning capabilities to realize the ability for ‘learning’ in real time.

Chatbots are an exciting new trend in the technology ecosystem and are starting to become relevant in the enterprise. “Chatbots can be considered the apps of voice interfaces. In the near future, we should expect enterprises to adopt chatbot platforms in the same way they are currently embracing mobile and IoT platforms.” (C IO Magazine)

“Bots are the new apps,” declared Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella during a nearly three-hour keynote where he presented a vision for the way humans will interact with machines. There really is a race to develop chatbots. At its May developer conference Google I/O 2016, Google introduced the Allo smart messaging app. Google’s Allo bot, which also features Google Assistant, helps users find information and complete tasks.

“Chatbots encountered by smartphone users today might seem fairly crude. But their automated conversations are going to get a lot more useful, technology strategist Michael Wolf says, shaping the outcome of one of the internet’s largest battlegrounds.” (Wall Street Journal)

Making Inroads into Enterprise IT to Manage day-to-day Operations

For IT operations first responders, chatbots will become the new source of information for assisting to resolve incidents with greater speed and efficiency.

In 2016, chatrooms and chatbots were providing a virtual workspace for IT operations teams facing serious issues -- in some cases, serving as the main stream of communication when incidents had to be resolved.

The next step will be ChatOps tools. ChatOps help to connect people, bots, and tools in an automated and transparent workflow. They “are becoming systems of record for IT operations in mainstream organizations, particularly in distributed workforces. (TechTarget SearchITOperations)

Introducing Evolven's Analytics Chatbot

In addition to all the other applications for chatbots, now you can learn about unauthorized or inconsistent changes in your environment by simply asking Evolven's analytics chatbot (we call our chatbot Evo).

Powered by advanced machine learning capabilities, the Evo chatbot automatically captures and interprets the information collected by Evolven.

Evo can help you with specific tasks, like listing changes at a particular host. After the results are loaded, you can ask Evo to further slice and dice the data and generate insights for you.



Evo understands concepts from natural language processing (NLP), helping to review changes in a particular group.

You can ask Evo to execute specific actions on a selected change, like marking a change as authorized or unauthorized, opening an incident and sharing it with your team.

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