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Accelerate With Confidence (Part 4)


Accelerate With Confidence (Part 4)


This article is part of a series covering how changes still present a risk for today's IT operations, despite advances in technology and processes, and how a change-centric analytics approach addresses this.

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The machine learning analytics technology could be applied in a number of different ways.

There’s a variety of use cases that customers have Evolven implemented in. There are three key issues where Evolven plays a key role:

  • Helping IT production support with Incident Management
  • Improving DevOps efforts in Release Management
  • Enhancing IT Service management

Production Support: Faster MTTR, Fewer Incidents

Production support actually takes Evolven to help reduce the amount of incidents and cut mean time to resolution.

How can Evolven reduce the amount of incidents?

Evolven identifies high risk changes early on before they actually cause an issue and deals with them before they result in an incident. For example, when a change is deployed, the result is that its an unauthorized change. Evolven can actually detect this change early enough to remediate it BEFORE there’s any issue.

Also when an incident occurs, Evolven can actually correlate changes with root-cause analysis. Evolven’s machine learning analytics can correlate the incident back to the changes that could be the instigator of the incident.

DevOps: Faster, Error-free Releases

DevOps professionals use Evolven for faster and error-free releases. That’s been the goal of DevOps, to allow for more changes yet in a more stable way. Evolven helps DevOps teams to validate that the infrastructure is ready for application deployment, that they know exactly what was deployed as a result of all the continuous delivery and all the automatic deployments.

Evolven helps to ensure that what was deployed in production matches what was actually tested, making the whole change cycle consistent.

More so, Evolven helps to maintain consistency across environments. Despite the large amount of changes implemented, Evolven ensures that the production environment remains consistent with disaster recovery, that pre-production is actually representative enough of production so that testing is reliable.

ITSM: Close ITSM Process Loops

For IT Service Management (ITSM), Evolven can actually uncover information that is almost impossible to obtain manually. Evolven helps to automatically detect unauthorized changes - changes that do not correlate to any approved change request. Evolven can validate the accuracy of implementations of approved changes, so that the exact granular bill-of-material for each change is verified, that it was deployed consistently without posing any risks.

Evolven also helps to detect and report on drift or deviation from standards, like a golden baseline or a reference environment. IT Service Management can automatically maintain organizational standards.

Know What Changed

Evolven helps with three key use cases:

  • Reduce the amount of incidents and accelerating the mean-time-to-resolution
  • Produce more releases with less errors
  • Increase actual productivity of it service management function

Knowing what actually changed in the environment reveals powerful insights for delivering and operating critical applications.

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About the Author
Sasha Gilenson
Sasha Gilenson enjoyed a long and successful career at Mercury Interactive (acquired by HP), having led the company's QA organization, participating in establishing Mercury's Software as a Service (SaaS), as well as leading a Business Unit in Europe and Asia.

Sasha played a key role in the development of Mercury's worldwide Business Technology Optimization (BTO) strategy and drove field operations of the Wireless Business Unit, all while taking on the duties as the Mercury's top "guru" in quality processes and IT practices domain. In this capacity, Sasha has advised numerous Fortune 500 companies on technology and process optimization, and in turn, acquired a comprehensive and rare knowledge of the market and industry practices.

Sasha holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science from Latvian University and MBA from London Business School.