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Can You Spot the Differences in Your IT Environments?


Can You Spot the Differences in Your IT Environments?


When you were young, do you remember seeing in magazines those spot difference pictures?

The magazine would display two images and ask you to find and circle the differences.  I used to pour over the pictures and try to figure out what new items were in the second picture that weren't in the first. Sometimes it was frustrating, especially when I was told they are 10 differences and I could only find 7. spotthedifference<4 Differences in this Picture Puzzle click here to see the answer >

I was reminded of these puzzles when considering the challenges of maintaining IT environment stability. IT environments are complex. A typical environment includesthousands of different configuration parameters in which the misconfiguration or overlooking a single configuration, can cause an environment incident with major impact on the IT group and business services supported.

How does this connect back to Spot the Difference puzzles? Well, when it comes to environment configuration, the devil is indeed in the details. So when the IT environment that was working fine yesterday, suddenly goes off you need to identify what changed, or ‘spot the difference’.

With the complexity of IT environments, involving thousands of different configuration parameters, it can be a challenge to turn IT environment comparisons into actionable information that supports decision making. The IT entire team can be set to the task for days or weeks to figure out what changed, and why the IT environment is no longer working. During this period, the business is subject to slow-downs, possible outages, and lowered service.

So having something to help you spot the difference, especially the minute and subtle differences – granular changes - between thousands of configuration parameters, will help save time and resources.

Essentially, that’s the concept of Granular Configuration Automation to find the smallest changes, automatically, in an environment and alert the IT team.  This relates to changes that are supposed to be there, making sure they have been implemented across the environment, as well as changes that were not authorized, and risk environment stability.  By applying Granular Configuration Automation to environment management, it helps to identify, analyze their risk criticality and alert IT personnel quickly, so they can act  on changes that could potentially harm the environment.   Evolven Comparison applies the principle of Granular Configuration Automation by easily comparing environments with each other or with their historical baselines. It’s really like getting the answers to the old spot the difference pictures!


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