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Close Encounters of the Unauthorized Change Kind


Close Encounters of the Unauthorized Change Kind


This content is brought to you by Evolven. Evolven Change Analytics is a unique AIOps solution that tracks and analyzes all actual changes carried out in the enterprise cloud environment. Evolven helps leading enterprises cut the number of incidents, slash troubleshoot time, and eliminate unauthorized changes. Learn more

Greetings, fellow IT Investigators!  Prepare to embark on a journey that merges cutting-edge AI technology with the mysteries of unauthorized change and misconfiguration investigations.

Welcome to the last episode in the saga of Unauthorized Changes, where the unknown meets advanced AI-tech, and our mission, much like all space exploration, is to uncover the truth.

Roll the Cameras and Activate!

Imagine yourself at your workstation, enjoying your morning coffee, when suddenly alarms erupt, and lights flicker. Your network is indicating anomalies from unseen sources. But fear not what you've stumbled upon are not otherworldly invaders but rather the enigmatic Unauthorized Changes of IT.

In the realm of the unexplained, Unauthorized Changes are akin to UFOs—entities that materialize out of nowhere, acting erratically, altering your systems without warning. These unauthorized changes or misconfigurations are like uninvited gatecrashers evading proper authorizations and creating havoc for compliance, security, and operations. And they must be stopped.

Your Mission: Investigate

As an IT investigator, your mission is to find the root cause of these changes. Equipped with Evolven's risk-based AI technology, you become the (Wo)Men in Black of the IT world, uncovering the truth behind each unauthorized change. It's akin to discovering hidden symbols etched into the walls of your IT environment.

Evolven is your trusty sidekick in the battle against unauthorized changes. Think of it as the high-tech magnifying glass that allows you to decipher the mysteries lurking in your IT ecosystem. These unauthorized changes are elusive and disruptive, much like UFOs in the night sky. But they do leave evidence and Evolven is perfectly suited to collecting that evidence from on-prem and cloud environments for analysis.

Evolven's AI technology excels at quickly correlating data points, identifying the origin of unauthorized changes, and prioritizing security, compliance, and stability risks. It empowers you to focus on what truly matters, getting your systems back on track. In essence, Evolven is like the Men in Black's "flashy thing" for your systems, erasing the chaos caused by unauthorized changes

An Ounce of Prevention

Another investigative reality is that IT is typically using the symptoms caused by unauthorized changes and misconfigurations to chase down the root cause - after the fact - after it has caused an incident.  With Evolven, you can take control - you're in the driver's seat! Evolven does not rely on traces, logs, or metrics that simply indicate what has already occurred - but instead detects the actual change - when it happens. By detecting actual changes to configurations, Evolven makes you aware of issues proactively, thwarting incidents before they occur, and minimizing the risk of downtime, non-compliance, and security failures.

What’s Next

But the adventure doesn't end here. On Halloween, October 31, 2023, we invite you to join us in unraveling the secrets of how Big Banks harness AI to combat unauthorized changes and misconfigurations in their complex environments. It's an X-Files-worthy exploration of IT security that promises to shed light on some of the most compelling mysteries in the digital realm.

So, fellow IT investigators, prepare for a journey where technology and the unknown intersect, and together, we'll continue to unveil the truth behind unauthorized changes. Stay vigilant, and may the mysteries of IT never elude you!

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