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Control and Agility in IT: BSM Review Interviews Evolven CEO Sasha Gilenson


Control and Agility in IT: BSM Review Interviews Evolven CEO Sasha Gilenson


Growing complexity is changing today's IT landscape. With more support required for a wider and growing range of technologies and platforms (Virtualization, Cloud, Open Source etc.), and accelerated application deployment and software deployment schedules, IT Operations is under more pressure than ever before to maintain stability and ensure high performance. Dynamic business requirements are driving this high-paced change, challenging IT to stay in control of critical business services.

The BSM Review's publisher, Rick Berzle, recently interviewed Sasha Gilenson (see www.bsmreview.com/evolven.shtml), CEO of Evolven, to gain insights into how best to balance the agility of IT with control to ensure stability for today's IT Operations and meet the ongoing needs of the business. Sasha addressed how IT organizations can deliver agility while maintaining a high level of control, meeting the quality and stability requirements to support the business. With the focus of Business Service Management (BSM) on ensuring a high degree of alignment between IT and the business, IT faces the challenge of meeting rapidly changing business requirements, demanding that IT be agile. "That is what we see with our customers," Sasha Gilenson, Evolven CEO shares in the interview, "The pace of change, the pace for demand for new requirements is accelerating. Ten year ago customers would put out new releases annually and updates quarterly. Now we see customers putting out new releases quarterly and updates weekly if not daily. These are not simply infrastructure changes, but changes in business applications."

Lack of Visibility Impacts Agility and Control

Today's dynamic pace of change is impacting many IT organizations, making them keep track of thousands of dynamic IT configuration parameters. This vital environment information can slip into a shadowy area that we have termed: The Change Twilight Zone. Without clear, up-to-date configuration information, planned changes can fail. Unauthorized changes will be detected, but too late. Problem resolutions will take too long to complete and there will be little visibility into whether or not compliance requirements are being met. As Sasha explained, "One of the key reasons causing IT to lose the balance between agility and control is the lack of visibility into the complex and dynamic configuration of IT environments. There is a twilight zone in IT where key IT process issues/gaps remain open and key operational questions are not answered."

Business Is In the Dark About IT Infrastructure

Without setting a reasonable amount of control to changes of critical processes, businesses are left in the dark about the actual standing and availability of the support infrastructure. Why? This is because today's dynamic IT ecosystems are extremely complex. The cause of a problem on one system may be something that was reconfigured or completely different on an unrelated system. Sasha elaborates by saying, "I see IT often frustrated with the demand that comes from business. They often state that the business just doesn't realize what it takes to meet the demand. And the frustration from the business is that they just don't get from IT what they are asking for."

Using Configuration Analytics to Deliver Actionable Information

So how can you actually remove the veil cast by the Change Twilight Zone over critical IT processes? Evolven uses breakthrough configuration analytics to identify those specific changes and differences that are introduced across the environment and actually matter to the user, and could impact performance and stability of critical business applications. For IT, this amounts to removing the shadow cast by the Change Twilight Zone, allowing IT Ops to confidently close processes and answer important questions for the business. Evolven has the unrivaled ability to ensure error-free release management, detect drift, and provide actionable information for incident management – resulting in reduced outage risk, minimized system downtime, and increased efficiency. Sasha explains, "Evolven provides configuration analytics that deliver actionable information to support IT operational decisions that are derived from the complex and dynamic state of configuration management."

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Learn more about how Evolven's groundbreaking Configuration Analytics solution takes on the dynamics and complexity of the modern data center and cloud, in a way that was never available before.

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