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DevOps, CI/CD & Cloud are Accelerating the Speed of Change. How can you maintain control?


DevOps, CI/CD & Cloud are Accelerating the Speed of Change. How can you maintain control?


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IT is pushing out more changes than ever before, as practices and technologies supporting them, like DevOps, Agile, CI/CD and Cloud allow us to move faster than ever before.

While speed is critical, so is control…

The faster you move, the more difficult it becomes to maintain control.

That’s why we see the balance between speed and control being frequently violated, leaving stability, compliance and security at risk.

That’s why we regularly see major outages in services provided by the leading enterprises in the news.

So, why is it so difficult to maintain control when changes accelerate?

It’s because when it comes to changes, IT is “flying blind”, lacking visibility into the ACTUAL changes that are occurring in their enterprise environments.

Enterprises may have well-designed change management processes- they can automate deployments, implement immutable infrastructure, etc. However, in order to maintain control, you still need to know the configuration parameters, application resources, database attributes, and details of your environment that specifically changed during planned and unplanned activities.

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On September 21, 2020, Evolven announced its integration with PagerDuty, to solve this problem: FIRST - IT First Response Solution.

Check out this video by Michael Sanders, Vice President of Customer Success at Evolven, highlighting how FIRST helps customers prevent, detect and resolve incidents before the trouble starts.

After PagerDuty alerts its users that something is wrong, and starts orchestrating distributed teams through automating incident investigation workflows...what’s the immediate next question?

“What Changed?”

And rightfully so, as industry experts estimate that about 85% of incidents can be traced back to changes.

Evolven will provide the answer by pointing to the actual changes that caused the investigated issues.


With the FIRST integration, PagerDuty users will be able to leverage information about actual changes in order to:

  • Prevent incidents by receiving actionable alerts on risky changes
  • Accelerate incident response on any incidents that do occur by quickly zooming in on the changes that are the true incidents’ root cause, in just one click

IT can’t control what they can’t see.

FIRST is giving IT it’s visibility into all actual changes so that they can stop changes from leading to critical performance, security and compliance incidents.

See the FIRST Evolven and PagerDuty solution in action - contact us now to schedule a demo.

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