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Empower the Service Desk to Prevent Incidents(Part 4)


Empower the Service Desk to Prevent Incidents(Part 4)


This article is part of a 5 part series covering how unauthorized changes still remain the bane of today's IT operations, regardless of advances in technology, and how automated change detection is critical for addressing this.


  • Unauthorized Changes Still Undermine Modern Environments
  • Apply Change- Centric Causal Analysis to Quickly Fix Problems
  • Detect Unauthorized Changes Automatically
  • Empower the Service Desk to Prevent Incidents
  • Know What Changed to Stop Outages

Part 4 of a 5 part series

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Low-Quality Service Desk Data

While Service Desk organizations receive many requests, they often lack the comprehensive data to react effectively. The lack of high quality service desk data makes it difficult to correlate data and know what actually changed.

For example, someone passes a request to IT Operations, saying, “Hey I need to execute this against that and I'm going to change this and do that against this.” Now try correlating what actually changed. Good luck!

Organizations are faced with these multiple requests but manage them with “low quality service desk data” – they don’t have enough information on everything going on in the environment to identify a problem. There could be 700 or 37 changes, but who knows?! How do you correlate natural language service requests back to what actually happened?

How does Evolven prevent incidents? As shown below, Evolven can be integrated into ServiceNow. By having this bi-directional integration into the service desk, Evolven knows the request details - what was expected, what was intended?

Evolven can immediately provide insight into what changed.

How Can Evolven Help?

Evolven’s analytics engine correlates both natural language input with comprehensive change data to give the service desk solid information on where to focus their efforts for addressing a problem. By creating queries, and translating natural language into executable system language, Evolven can identify specific actions, CIs, or even environments, enhancing the quality of service desk data and providing actionable insights.

Detecting Actual Changes and Any Unauthorized Changes

The responsibility for service desk operators is to know what changed. Evolven lets operators very quickly say there were 38 changes, and know that one of them is unauthorized.

Being fully integrated into the service desk means that with one single click the operator can actually look at the changes and identify the unauthorized one.

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About the Author
Michael Sanders

Michael Sanders is a Director of Technical Sales at Evolven. Mike has over 30 years of experience in the IT field. From building servers and networks to managing large IT departments, Mike has provided direction and leadership for delivering product solutions to help IT Ops teams proactively resolve performance and availability issues.

Prior to joining Evolven, Mike worked for 14 years at Compuware Corporation (Dynatrace), where he consulted and sold on application monitoring (APM) software and triage practices.

While at Compuware, Mike was responsible for product direction, field technical practices and solution selling for the company's APM division. Mike was instrumental in developing the services division at Compuware to help lead the new APM solution growth.

Mike's expertise extends to many aspects of production support and DevOps, bringing an understanding of both technical and operational practices for assuring customer success.