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Evolven: Your ServiceNow Sidekick for Seamless Optimization


Evolven: Your ServiceNow Sidekick for Seamless Optimization


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Change management is a critical pillar in IT operations for maintaining system stability and efficiency. ServiceNow has long been the cornerstone platform for managing change requests, providing a centralized hub for IT operations. However, while ServiceNow excels at orchestrating change processes, it often lacks granular insights into the actual changes occurring within the IT infrastructure.

This is where Evolven steps in.

Evolven is a powerful solution that provides deep visibility across your technological landscape. Built upon a powerful machine learning and AI engine, it empowers organizations to find unauthorized changes, calculate change risk, detect environmental drift, and gain visibility into their change management processes. Unlike ServiceNow, which primarily focuses on managing change requests, Evolven delves into the intricate details of configuration changes for each configuration item (CI) to help organizations find unauthorized and unapproved changes. From servers to web applications, on-premises to multi-cloud, Evolven meticulously collects and analyzes data on configurations, capturing thousands of parameters for each CI.

Evolven now offers an integration application inside of ServiceNow that seamlessly pulls data from Evolven into ServiceNow, bridging the gap between detailed configuration insights and change management processes. This integration application allows organizations to federate data from Evolven into ServiceNow, enriching change records with granular details of actual changes.

The Evolven ServiceNow Application is now certified and available in the ServiceNow Store.


The power of the Evolven ServiceNow Application is the ability to display detailed change information inside of ServiceNow, presenting a comprehensive overview of the actual changes associated with that request under a single pane of glass. Perhaps you have a server running a web server, and within ServiceNow, you may have a CI representing this host, along with some basic configuration details. However, ServiceNow's CMDB structure may not accommodate the vast array of configuration parameters collected by Evolven.

This is where the magic of integration comes into play.

While ServiceNow may lack the native capability to track these granular changes, Evolven fills the void by providing detailed insights from its comprehensive data repository.

For example, I may want to know exactly what changes occurred from a change request to alter parameters around a disk partition.


With the Evolven ServiceNow application, I can now see the change request information and the actual changes in a single view. Evolven will also provide additional information, including risk assessments, to emphasize high-risk alterations that occurred.


In essence, Evolven's integration with ServiceNow transforms change management practices by providing unprecedented visibility into actual changes. Organizations can leverage Evolven's power to optimize performance, mitigate risks, and drive innovation with confidence. With Evolven, change management evolves from a reactive process to a proactive strategy, empowering organizations to thrive in today's dynamic IT landscape.

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Kevin Brunette, Senior Sales Engineer at Evolven 15 years in tech, juggling hats as a developer, systems engineer, and sales engineer. My secret weapons? Google-fu black belt and Stack Overflow aficionado. Basically, I'm the guy who makes code work by asking the internet nicely.