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Find the Change Events You’re Looking For


Find the Change Events You’re Looking For


This content is brought to you by Evolven. Evolven Change Analytics is a unique AIOps solution that tracks and analyzes all actual changes carried out in the enterprise cloud environment. Evolven helps leading enterprises cut the number of incidents, slash troubleshoot time, and eliminate unauthorized changes. Learn more


“These aren’t the droids you’re looking for…”

Every Star Wars fan knows this famous scene, where Obi-Wan Kenobi tricks the storm troopers into thinking that the droids right in front of them are not in fact the droids that they are looking for.

A similar scene can be frequently observed during major incident or problem investigation, when in response to your question if anyone changed anything to cause the issue, subject matter experts start to chant “there was no change…”


Kudos for the Star Wars example from PagerDuty’s product management team.
However, the most exciting part was that Change became a reigning theme in many sessions at PagerDuty Summit this year.

We know that in today’s digital world, there are many changes happening and at an accelerated pace across all IT organizations.

This makes knowing the relevant change during an incident response crucial to saving digital services from critical availability and performance issues, even if your colleagues try to use the Jedi mind trick to make you look into other root causes.

To help users find the change that they are looking for, even when pointed in the wrong direction, PagerDuty has built a unique set of features and partnerships.


Source: PagerDuty Virtual Summit, “This is the change you are looking for”

Why Change Events are Important

No matter how solid your deployment process, in the case when an incident does happen, IT needs all of the necessary information related to their actual changes.

As noted during the session “This is the Change you are Looking For”, change events have received a lot of attention from PagerDuty users recently.

Since 2020, IT teams have been pushed to digitize faster than ever, implementing application and infrastructure changes at an accelerated pace across increasingly complex systems.

As a result, instead of manual investigation, users are turning to PagerDuty to monitor and analyze their change events.

At a time when the stakes couldn’t be higher and 85% of incidents can be traced back to changes, organizations need to ensure that their teams have granular change event details at their fingertips at all times.

Accurate tracking and greater visibility into changes will lead to faster MTTR.

This can be proven by PagerDuty’s integration with Evolven.


Source: PagerDuty Virtual Summit, “This is the change you are looking for”

Evolven + PagerDuty

Evolven has built an integration with PagerDuty to bring automated change analytics, including actionable alerts on risky changes to ITOps, CloudOps, DevOps, and SRE teams. This allows IT to prevent incidents and accelerate incident response.

If an incident occurs, the FIRST – Evolven & PagerDuty IT First Response Solution gives teams the ability to dig deeper into the shortlist of granular, actual changes prepared by Evolven’s change analytics, and find the change that caused the incident. The result is faster root-cause analysis and MTTR.


With Evolven’s Change Analytics technology, PagerDuty users and enterprises in various technology intense verticals such as banking, finance, insurance and others, can continue to accelerate with confidence while maintaining top stability, security and compliance across their critical business systems and production environments.

Evolven is the only tool available today that monitors and analyzes actual granular changes across the end to end enterprise cloud.

Learn more at the Evolven + PagerDuty FIRST- First IT Response Solution at www.evolven.com/pagerduty.html.

Tune into the full sessions of PagerDuty Summit 2021 at summit.pagerduty.com.

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