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Gartner Says Analytics is Top Technology Trend for 2015


Gartner Says Analytics is Top Technology Trend for 2015


Recently Gartner released their top strategic technology trends for 2015. We were excited to see analytics on the list, as Gartner focuses on the tech trend of "Advanced, Pervasive and Invisible Analytics," showing how this area continues to gather momentum across the business.

Big data more than ever is playing a vital role in IT decision-making, and as large organizations apply advanced analytics methods like IT Operations Analytics they will be better positioned to optimize service performance, minimize security issues, manage change and configurations, better handle capacity across their overall organization, and ultimately manage IT more effectively in support of the business. 

Analytics will take center stage

Gartner states (Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015): 
"Analytics will take center stage as the volume of data generated by embedded systems increases and vast pools of structured and unstructured data inside and outside the enterprise are analyzed. "Every app now needs to be an analytic app," said Mr. Cearley. "Organizations need to manage how best to filter the huge amounts of data coming from the IoT, social media and wearable devices, and then deliver exactly the right information to the right person, at the right time. Analytics will become deeply, but invisibly embedded everywhere." Big data remains an important enabler for this trend but the focus needs to shift to thinking about big questions and big answers first and big data second — the value is in the answers, not the data."  

IT Operations Analytics Spreads

Gartner further emphasized the anticipated spread of analytics, particulary for IT, in a report released this week from Gartner Research VP, Will Cappelli, titled Two Distinct ITOA Submarkets Provide Different Benefits to Enterprises

In the report, Cappelli explains that "There are two levels of IT operations analytics functionality, each with its own distinct benefits profile. This research presents best practices to align IT operations with the changes being driven by the increased availability — and deployment — of ITOA functionality."  

Advanced Analytics is Top Priority

Furthermore, Alexander Linden, Research Director at Gartner is saying that business and IT need to apply 'advanced analytics,' as noted in APM Digest (Gartner: Advanced Analytics Is a Top Business Priority), "IT and business leaders must expand their efforts to move their organizations from using only traditional BI that addresses descriptive analysis (what happened) to advanced analytics, which complements by answering "why", "what will happen" and "how we can address it."   

Here's the complete list of Gartner's strategic technology trends for 2015:








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