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How Evolven Could Have Prevented the McDonald's Global Tech Outage


How Evolven Could Have Prevented the McDonald's Global Tech Outage


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On March 15, 2024, McDonald's experienced a worldwide technology system outage that impacted restaurants and customers across the globe. It took approximately 12 hours for the issue to be identified and resolved, with most markets coming back online the same day.

Interestingly, McDonald's has stated that the outage was not caused by a cybersecurity incident, but rather by a misconfiguration introduced by a third-party provider. This highlights the critical importance of carefully managing IT environment changes and configurations to maintain reliability and stability.

This is exactly the type of scenario where Evolven's Configuration Risk Intelligence platform could have made a huge difference. Evolven's technology detects and analyzes changes and differences in IT environments to minimize the risk of outages.

In this case, Evolven would have:

  • Automatically detected the risky configuration change made by the third-party
  • Assessed the potential risk and impact of the change
  • Alerted IT staff before they rolled out the change so they could review, test, and then safely deploy the change if possible
  • Enabled quick identification and rollback of the problematic change when the issue occurred, greatly reducing mean time to resolution

With Evolven monitoring for configuration drift and risky changes, the improper configuration would have been caught before it ever made it to production, likely preventing the outage entirely. Even if the issue still occurred, Evolven would have pinpointed the root cause within minutes, enabling much faster resolution - and therefore avoiding customer impact.

Outages and downtime are extremely costly, frustrating customers and employees. As McDonald's IT leadership noted, reliability is a top priority. Evolven empowers enterprises to achieve that reliability by taking control of changes and configurations in their complex hybrid IT environments.

Reach out to learn more about how Evolven can help your organization prevent costly incidents like the one McDonald's experienced.

About the Author
Jim Wachhaus
Director of Product Marketing, has been in technical roles on cybersecurity products for over two decades and is passionate about the discipline of cyber system defense.