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How to Maintain Change Control in the Enterprise Cloud


How to Maintain Change Control in the Enterprise Cloud


This content is brought to you by Evolven. Evolven Change Analytics is a unique AIOps solution that tracks and analyzes all actual changes carried out in the enterprise cloud environment. Evolven helps leading enterprises cut the number of incidents, slash troubleshoot time, and eliminate unauthorized changes. Learn more


No matter how advanced an enterprise is, it can still be affected by change-driven issues.

This is clear by the weekly headlines in the news of IT Outages, like "Instagram and Facebook down: Users suffer issues days after major outage" or "System outage grounds United Airlines flights".

In fact, according to Gartner, 85% of IT issues are caused by change.

We believe the problem is that IT is flying blind when it comes to the actual changes.

Planned vs. Actual Change - What’s the Difference?

When we’re talking about actual changes, we’re not talking about change requests or deployment artifacts, but actual modifications of configuration parameters, data fields, and application files, resulting from planned or unplanned deployments executed manually or automatically.

For any organization, IT issues resulting in computer outages, failed regulatory audits and security breaches have a significant impact on reputation, revenues, and operational costs.

So how can we stop IT issues and protect system stability, compliance, and security?


Evolven's Change Control Platform is giving IT back the visibility they need, by automatically detecting actual granular changes across the entire enterprise cloud.

Using Evolven, organizations around the world, from banks with hundreds of thousands of servers, to local insurance firms, are able to:

  • Maximize performance and stability
  • Close compliance gaps
  • Mitigate security threats

Evolven allows IT teams to:

  • View a single point of truth for all the actual changes
  • Accelerate incidents investigation by zooming in on the changes causing them.
  • Avoid incidents by responding early to risky changes and differences.
  • Implement change controls by maintaining a change audit trail, highlighting unauthorized and non-compliant changes.

Contact Evolven here to see the Evolven Change Control technology in action.

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