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Staying Compliant in the Cloud Just Got Easier with Configuration Risk Intelligence


Staying Compliant in the Cloud Just Got Easier with Configuration Risk Intelligence


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For highly regulated industries like financial services, healthcare, and government, adopting the cloud can seem scary. How do you stay compliant in the cloud and achieve complete configuration visibility and control? The secret lies in harnessing the power of configuration intelligence.

Many regulated organizations still resist cloud adoption, fearing it will lead to non-compliance with strict industry regulations like HIPAA, PCI DSS, or FedRAMP. This fear is justified. According to a 2022 Cloud Security Report from Checkpoint, 57% of organizations find it challenging to properly protect data in multi-cloud environments in accordance with corporate policy and regulatory requirements. Different environments have different built-in security controls and tools, making consistent protection difficult to achieve.

The consequences of non-compliance are severe, ranging from massive fines in the millions to damaged customer trust, outages, and competitive disadvantages. However, advanced configuration management technology is changing the game.

Let's explore how configuration risk intelligence simplifies cloud compliance:

  1. Mapping the Cloud Landscape

    Configuration Risk Intelligence (CRI) begins by charting out every nook and cranny of your cloud configurations down to the component level. Using automated discovery to illuminate networking, resources, dependencies, and settings across your hybrid environment, this mapping ensures you have an authoritative configuration baseline that aligns with compliance standards as your source of truth.

  2. Continuously Monitor

    Once you've set your baseline, it's all about vigilance. Evolven’s Platform monitors all configurations in near-real-time and provides instant alerts for any deviations. This proactive approach ensures you're always a step ahead, ensuring compliance even during ongoing cloud operations.

  3. Automate Policy Checks

    Gone are the days of manual, tedious compliance checks.  CRI automates policy checks by codifying your regulatory requirements into configuration rules. By scanning environments on-demand or continuously the platform identifies violations across clouds and provides the visibility and guidance required to proactively correct them.

  4. Speed Incident Investigation

    In the rare event of non-compliance, Evolven’s configuration risk intelligence is your detective. Dive deep into the root cause in mere seconds, ensuring swift resolutions and preventing future mishaps.

  5. Enforce Security Safeguards

    Many compliance mandates have security requirements like encryption, access controls, and network segmentation. By intelligently managing security configurations, you're not just ticking off compliance boxes but also fortifying your cloud fortress. And with a DevSecOps approach, you're ensuring that security and compliance teams are in perfect harmony.

  6. Unified Cloud Vision

    Today's multi-cloud environments demand unified visibility and control across on-prem, hybrid, and public cloud. Manage compliance across your entire digital ecosystem from a single pane of glass. Configuration Risk Intelligence offers this unified perspective, ensuring consistent compliance standards across varied cloud technologies.

  7. Leverage AI and ML

    Advanced analytics like machine learning can model normal configuration behavior to detect anomalies that may signify non-compliance.  Imagine having an AI "assistant" that helps you prioritize based on risk, and even provides guidance on optimizing configurations for compliance.

Discover the Future of Cloud Compliance with Evolven

Navigating the complexities of cloud compliance can be daunting, however, Evolven is here to help simplify, streamline, and secure your cloud journey.

So why Evolven?

Here's the Difference:

  • Unparalleled Precision: With Evolven, you're not just getting a tool; you're investing in a SaaS or on-premises solution that offers unparalleled precision in mapping out every facet of your cloud configuration.
  • Proactive Monitoring: Stay ahead of potential risks with real-time alerts and monitoring. Evolven ensures you're not just reacting to threats but proactively safeguarding your assets.
  • Intelligent Automation: Say goodbye to manual checks. Evolven's platform automates policy verification and checks, ensuring swift identification and rectification of potential violations.
  • Swift Incident Resolution: In the world of compliance, time is of the essence. Evolven's platform dives deep, identifying root causes in seconds, not hours.
  • Fortified Security: Beyond the compliance checklist, Evolven ensures your cloud environment is fortified against potential threats, offering peace of mind and robust security.
  • Unified Vision: Whether you're operating on-prem, hybrid, or public cloud, Evolven offers a unified perspective, a single pane of glass, ensuring consistent compliance standards across your end-to-end estate.
  • AI-Powered Insights: Harness the power of AI and ML to detect anomalies and optimize configurations. With Evolven, you're not just getting a tool; you're getting an intelligent assistant that prioritizes changes by risk and provides you with the details needed to make key business decisions.

Take the Next Step:

Imagine a world where cloud compliance is not a challenge but a competitive advantage. With Evolven, that world is within reach. Don't just take our word for it. Experience the magic of Evolven firsthand.

Ready to transform your cloud journey? Let's talk. Contact us today for a personalized demo and discover how Evolven's Configuration Risk Intelligence platform can elevate your cloud compliance strategy. Your future in the cloud just got a whole lot brighter.

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