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The Alien Invasion on IT: How Unauthorized Changes Could be Sabotaging your Business


The Alien Invasion on IT: How Unauthorized Changes Could be Sabotaging your Business


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Buckle up your seatbelts, as we embark on a thrilling voyage in this first blog of a series into the most mysterious and uncharted realms of IT - the uncanny world of Unauthorized Change Objects (UCOs)! Yes, these are the silent invaders that can make your IT infrastructure feel like an episode of 'The X-Files', complete with alien invaders (UCOs) wreaking havoc left, right, and center.

UCOs: The Invisible Invaders

What exactly are UCOs? Simply put, they're the changes that occur in your IT environment without your consent or knowledge. Some call them ghost changes or refer to “ghosts in the machine” for some of the more mysterious of the bunch. These unauthorized, unattributed, and unidentified changes infiltrate your systems, unnoticed at first, making servers, systems, databases, and cloud infrastructure insecure, uncompliant, or unreliable. 

Decoding UCO Sightings

Just as UFO enthusiasts keep an eye out for mysterious lights in the sky, IT teams must watch for subtle indicators of unauthorized changes.

  • Performance hiccups? It could be a signal that a UCO is tweaking your system settings.
  • Unusual network activity? It's like picking up an alien transmission.
  • Sudden changes in system logs? You might have an unauthorized guest!

Having an early warning system would be so much better - Right?

The Hidden Risks: The IT World's Roswell Incident

Just like the alleged UFO crash in Roswell, UCOs can cause a seismic shakeup in your IT landscape. What do you need to worry about from these entities?

Well, there is a reason to be afraid.

UCOs can wreak havoc in the following areas:

  • Security: UCOs can turn out to be the little green men of cybersecurity, opening holes in your defenses and letting in malicious forces.
  • Operations: UCOs can sabotage your operational efficiency by changing system configurations, creating IT’s version of the “crop circle” that is just as puzzling and challenging to explain.
  • Compliance: The UCOs, in their rebellious alien ways, might make changes that send your system out of compliance faster than you can say "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".

Invasion Points: Where These UCOs Land

UCOs are like intergalactic travelers, not particularly choosy about their destinations. They can pop up anywhere within your IT landscape - your servers, network devices, applications, databases, and particularly in the cloud. They might be chilling in your storage configurations, or they could be altering your virtual environment like extraterrestrials creating an alien world. You need to be able to monitor your IT environment to detect any UCO invasion to protect your landscape (and cloudscape).

The Bottom Line: When UCOs Strike

If left unaddressed, UCOs can result in chaos, resembling the fallout of an alien invasion in a sci-fi movie. You may be looking at system crashes, data breaches, regulatory fines, and maybe worst of all, a blow to your business reputation. Remember, it’s harder to restore faith in your customers than to convince a skeptic about the existence of UFOs!

We aren't suggesting you get Mulder and Scully on speed dial. But staying informed, alert, and prepared is crucial in the face of these potential threats. The UCO invasion may not be as entertaining as an episode of 'Star Trek', but it's a serious concern that warrants your full attention.

Remember, UCOs are real, they're here, and they're ready to mess with your IT systems. So, gear up, and protect your IT world from these invisible invaders. It's time to proclaim: "Unauthorized Change Objects, you're NOT welcome here!"

If you are ready to ward off these threats or need help hunting down UCOs in your environment – Evolven has spent the last 15+ years creating the most advanced detection and change analysis arsenal to overpower and destroy these invaders.

We are rallying the troops on October 31st, sharing more about the latest invasion of UCOs and how Evolven can help you tackle these formidable foes. 

Find out more here  and join us in this IT Revolution - before they strike again!

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