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The Time for Change is Now: How Businesses can go from Responsive to Proactive with Change Awareness


The Time for Change is Now: How Businesses can go from Responsive to Proactive with Change Awareness


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“The Time for Change is Now” was the reigning theme of this year’s PagerDuty Summit, held virtually on September 21-24, 2020.

During keynotes by PagerDuty’s CEO and executives, as well as breakout sessions and panel discussions by industry leaders, there was one word that was continuously said…


As reiterated throughout the week, change is necessary to thrive in the new normal and requires companies to become more agile, adopt new technologies, and learn new skills.

The Summit kicked off on Day 1 with some exciting news, as Jonathan Rende, Senior Vice President of Product at PagerDuty, announced PagerDuty’s new Digital Ops platform during his Product Keynote.

PagerDuty’s newest releases recognize that despite the ever importance of digital operations in today’s new normal, IT teams are still frequently overwhelmed with performance interruptions.

In fact, Rende shared that enterprises have experienced a 38% increase in digital incidents since February 2020!


Source: PagerDuty Virtual Summit 2020

Rende shared that the goal of PagerDuty’s new Digital Ops platform is to make the lives of teams that support digital services easier, during a time when this has never been more important.

This will be achieved with the platforms’ newest additions: a recommendation engine, machine-learning-based service dependencies, and change impact analysis, all tools to make it easy for teams to identify and fix problems.

PagerDuty is one of the first vendors to integrate event management into the incident response process.

Now, announcing the addition of Change Awareness to their new Digital Ops platform, PagerDuty is taking Event Intelligence to another level, by enabling businesses to go from responsive to proactive.

Through new integrations with Evolven, GitHub, and Puppet, PagerDuty users will now be able to gain visibility into the impact of changes by driving change events directly into the PagerDuty platform and linking changes in their CI/CD pipeline with outages.

In particular, Evolven’s integration with PagerDuty known as the FIRST - IT First Response Solution will help customers prevent, detect, and resolve incidents before the trouble starts by:

  • Receiving actionable alerts on risky changes
  • Quickly zooming in on the changes that are the true incidents’ root cause, in just one click

As said throughout the PagerDuty Summit, during this time when stabile digital operations are needed most...

“The Time for Change is Now”!

FIRST allows teams to leverage change by gaining visibility into all ACTUAL changes happening across their end-to-end environments, empowering teams to remediate risky changes before they lead to performance, compliance, or security incidents, and identify the root cause of incidents that do occur.

Make sure you check out the PagerDuty Virtual Summit On-Demand and tune into Jonathan Rende full keynote to see the new Digital Operations platform in action.

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