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7 Exciting Insights from the IT Operations Analytics Webinar Presented by Gartner


7 Exciting Insights from the IT Operations Analytics Webinar Presented by Gartner


We are seeing how analytics software has become a top priority of businesses. The adoption of analytics for business intelligence is pushing the drive for leveraging big data. IT is facing a similar revolution, with analytics playing a central role in transforming IT operations. In these exciting times, emerging analytics technologies are will have an undeniable impact on IT management software tools. 

IT Operations Analytics solutions can offer better visibility into the exploding complexity of today's technology services, and help IT managers understand the information and data to detect potential problems before they get out of control. Gartner recently dedicated a full webinar to explore this up and coming area.

Recently, we were very excited to hear Gartner Research VP, Will Cappelli, present a live webinar titled IT Operational Analytics: Big Data for the Data Center focusing on how IT Operations Analytics is transforming IT and where this trend is heading.

You can find the full webinar here on the Gartner website available for watching on-demand.

This event shared many insights and showed examples for how much of an impact IT Operations Analytics will have on IT and ultimately the business. Below we have highlighted a variety of the fascinating insights we found in this presentation. 

Growth in Complexity

"Why is it the case that we are seeing such a significant demand for Big Data and analytics technologies in the IT Operations Management area? I think that there are many answers to this question, but most crucially the very obvious and oft-sighted issue of the significant growth in the complexity of our IT infrastructures and the applications that run across those infrastructures."

Exponential IT Data Growth

"There has been literal increase in volume of data. In fact Gartner estimates that since 2004 the volume of performance and availability data have increased by 300%....Furthermore it's not only the amount of data it is the multiplication of data type. Modern system complexity, modern system atrophy actually requires that vast increase, in volume of data that increase in a number of data type." 

How to Define IT Operations Analytics

"Inference is the key word here. What is critical for a platform or a service or for a software product to be an IT Operations Analytics product, is that through some kind of automated mechanism it introduces new information rather that new information is arrived at inductively or deductively."

How Big is Analytics for IT Big Data

"In fact if you actually look at the numbers at this point in time, and I am not saying it's going to be always this way, but at this point in time the application of Big Data and analytics technologies to IT operations management is one of the largest if not actually the largest market for data analytics technologies, in the sense of how much revenue it is actually generating now."

Future for IT Operations Analytics

We have taken a position that by 2018, 25% of Global 2000 will have deployed an IT Operations Analytics platform taking data feeds from variety of performance and availability systems, that's up from about 2% today.

Variety of Use cases for IT Operations Analytics

"IT Operations Analytics is largely concentrated in the area of performance and availability management, and we are beginning to see, and certainly have questions coming from enterprise clients about extension of IT Operations Analytics to other disciplines like change and configuration management, and incident management. There are some vendors that are addressing these areas like incident management. Evolven is addressing change and configuration management and there are others as well." 

Next Steps for IT Operations Analytics

"Performance and availability management is not the end, is really only the beginning and we expect the entirety if you will, the ITIL processes likely to be infused by IT Operations Analytics over the next 10 years."

 You can find the full webinar here on the Gartner website available for watching on-demand.

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