Founder, Evolven

Sasha Gilenson is Founder and CEO of Evolven Software and is paving the way as an expert leader in IT Operations Analytics (ITOA), addressing the 15-year chronic change and configuration challenges that have undermined performance and availability in IT operations.

Prior to founding Evolven in 2007, Sasha spent 13 years with Mercury Interactive (acquired by HP), managing the QA organization and participating in establishing Mercury Interactive's Software as a Service (SaaS). Sasha played a key role in the development of Mercury Interactive's worldwide Business Technology Optimization (BTO) strategy and drove field operations of the Wireless Business Unit, all while taking on the duties as the Mercury Interactive's top "guru" in quality processes and IT practices domain.

In this capacity, Sasha advised numerous Fortune 500 companies on technology and process optimization, and in turn, acquired a comprehensive and rare knowledge of the market and industry practices. Sasha saw how many enterprises were frustrated with critical business systems going down or underperforming, repeatedly seeing how complexity and gaps in IT operations created problems that no technology filled. Looking at these issues from a new perspective, he envisioned a revolutionary approach for handling the overwhelming and dynamic data that IT teams confront in maintaining performance and availability of their business operations. Sasha founded Evolven to apply a new analytics approach to resolve these chronic change & configuration challenges and dramatically minimize the risk of downtime and slash incident investigation time. Evolven's IT Operations Analytics provides intelligent answers to key IT operations challenges: how to accelerate incident resolution, avoid harmful and risky changes, and assess and optimize IT operations performance.