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Endpoint Change Control

Ensure stable, secured and compliant endpoints while your team works remote

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See Evolven in Action

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Endpoints Introduce New Performance, Security and Compliance Risks.

The massive transition to work-from-home creates stability, performance, security, and compliance challenges for IT organizations. Almost immediately, IT needs to support an increased number of remote endpoints, including employee or corporate owned laptops and desktops, whether using VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) or not.

These endpoints are subject to changes made by the employees, such as operating system patches, deploying new software, updating existing applications, making configuration changes, or downloading documents. Such changes significantly increase the risk of stability, security, or compliance incidents.

Providing stable, secured and compliant endpoints requires tight control over all changes made to the endpoint.

Tight Change Control - Ensure Stable, Secured and Compliant Endpoints.

Evolven Change Control technology enables IT organizations to automatically monitor and control all endpoint changes, whether executed by the users or by IT staff, without creating any overhead or additional effort.

  • Tracks all actual configuration changes in the operating system, including system services and all software components running on the endpoint.
  • Automatically correlates the actual changes detected on an endpoint with investigated endpoint issues to accelerate resolution.
  • Verifies configuration of the endpoints against organization’s policies or “golden” baseline, reporting risky configuration values and vulnerabilities.
  • Analyzes consistency of VDI clusters and reports risky inconsistencies.
  • Reports and maintains a detailed audit-trail of all actual changes and their risks - ensuring that only intended changes were deployed and compliance is maintained.


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Results in minutes

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