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What’s new in Evolven 7.5?

Evolven 7.5 introduces new capabilities for automated change reconciliation, powerful data search and insights, as well as user interface for easy and fast integration with other IT Management and Automation tools.

- Automated Change Reconciliation -

Streamline your change reconciliation process with powerful, analytics-driven insights that expedite action and resolution.


Ensuring stability, compliance, and security of your IT environment, Evolven 7.5 introduces patented capabilities to help you master one of the most critical activities in change management - change verification and reconciliation.


Now automated and orchestrated by Evolven, the once manual, error-prone, and resource intensive process of reviewing and investigating unauthorized changes is optimized to minimize risk and costs. In addition, automated Evolven change reconciliation ensures compliance of change controls and increased productivity of the process stakeholders, maximizing valuable time.

A new Evolven Change Manifest can be created for any change request or deployment. Evolven tracks granular changes in SCM, across CI/CD pipelines, in pre-production environments and applies advanced AI-based analytics to identify the expected changes, creating a detailed manifest. The Change Manifest is correlated against the change request and attached automatically for your audit and reconciliation purposes.



Powerful AI-based Analytics

Auto-reconcile actual changes detected by Evolven with approved change requests and deployments. Using analytics-based correlation and clustering, Evolven also identifies unauthorized changes (definitive and potential) that need human review and escalation, providing you with a review dashboard for click through access to all details.


Expedite your change verification and reconciliation process by streamlining communication and feedback loops with the power of analytics-based insights.



With more insight, now literally at your fingertips, you can take fast action to drive down reconciliation time and costs while ensuring compliance.


  • Create a service desk ticket automatically in your change management platforms (i.e ServiceNow, BMC, Helix ITSM and others) as you review actual changes that need escalation


  • Assign issues to Subject Matter Experts easily for quick action and resolution with access to all granular change details


  • Reconcile & Close reviewed actual changes on screen, with clear documented justification, and keep moving with confidence
Evolven 7.5 is here!
Automated Change Reconciliation and Operational Data Visibility & Analysis

See how our patented machine learning analytics deliver actionable insights in just a few clicks.

Evolven 7.5 introduces visibility into your enterprise operational data, unlocking its value like never before. Understand your environments and configurations to a granular level, stay ahead of incidents, and make better decisions while planning. Our new search UI enables you to perform advanced queries and produce custom reports that provide actionable insights against all collected Evolven data including your:


  • Environment inventory
  • Granular configuration
  • Cloud services
  • Details on actual changes
    (configuration, code, data)
  • Consistency data
  • Certificate parameters including expiration dates
  • Policy data
  • Historical data

You can also save searches, schedule searches in reports or use one of the over 45 out of the box searches to gain quick information about your data.

Speed to Implementation. Speed to Results


With a focus on usability and speed to results, Evolven 7.5 makes it easier and faster to integrate Evolven into your existing IT processes and tools.

  • UI-based Integration - Simplify your management and deployment of Evolven integrations with pre-defined templates that automatically will set up the integration for you.
  • Dynamic API Generation - Select a required API function and define its parameters, then automatically generate and test the resulting call in one click.
  • Use the auto generated code in your scripts or systems to import or export relevant data sets
Evolven 7.5 is here!
Automated Change Reconciliation and Operational Data Visibility & Analysis

See how our patented machine learning analytics deliver actionable insights in just a few clicks.

See Evolven in Action

The Evolven dashboard with a modern design and sleek interface on an iPad. The dashboard is split into different sections with easily identifiable icons and labels.

See Evolven in Action

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