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See Evolven in Action

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Uncertainty Regarding Your Inventory
Configuration Harms Your Decision-making.

How often do you need to answer a relatively simple question like “which hosts are running JVM older than 1.8 update 241?”, “what types of AWS EC2 instances do we currently have active?” or “how many hosts or CPUs are running WebSphere Application Server?”?

Questions like these are necessary to understand the scope and priority of maintenance tasks, evaluate available inventory of resources, manage licenses, benchmark configurations when migrating to a new data center or a new cloud environment, identify configuration items that are out of compliance, maintain security, and more.

These questions may seem straightforward...but finding the answers are not.

Finding the answers often requires requesting reports from your IT asset management team or CMDB administrators, writing your own scripts to collect the requested information, or logging into each individual host to check required configurations, which may introduce operational and security risks. That’s also a lot of time and effort.

Millions, Constantly Changing Configurations.

Each component in today’s complex enterprise IT environments is controlled by extensive configurations defined in configuration files, database tables, Windows registry, command line interface, and more. These configurations are constantly changing to address continuously evolving performance, reliability, capacity, and security requirements.

Consequently, IT struggles to maintain accessible up-to-date knowledge on all configuration baselines used across the end-to-end IT environment.

Automatically Detect, Visualize and Analyze Extensive Granular Inventory Configurations Across End-to-End Environments.

Evolven allows users to automatically detect extensive granular inventory configurations across all the layers and components of end-to-end IT environments, visualize key configuration elements, and provide powerful search and analysis reports on the configuration data via inventory dashboards, offline reports and REST APIs.

With full control and visibility into inventory configurations from key elements down to the most granular parameters, Evolven’s set of unique technological capabilities covers:

  1. Collection.
    Dynamically collect the most granular configuration and inventory of environment components from the application level, down to the infrastructure, from on-premise data center to public cloud.
  2. Search and queries.
    With a powerful query engine, users can search through the inventory configuration for specific items and elements matching anything from simple string-based patterns to multiple dependent complex conditions.
  3. Benchmarking.
    Evolven provides a one-click automated benchmarking of granular configuration parameters across hosts, sub-environments and multiple environments.
  4. Policies.
    Users can easily set inventory configuration requirements by defining flexible rules for type, range and values of configuration parameters. Evolven will continuously validate collected inventory configurations, highlighting any elements that do not match policies.
  5. Customization.
    With a simple interface, users can choose key configuration elements and granular configuration parameters particularly relevant for a user’s scope of role and responsibility. Selected configurations are clearly visualized, allowing users to define and store searches, policies and benchmark queries in one click. All the results of inventory analysis can be provided via user interface, offline reports REST API and relational database views.


Make Informed Decisions.

By using Evolven to track and analyze granular inventory configurations across end-to-end IT environments, leading IT organizations across the world are able to:

  • Increase productivity and reduce IT team efforts related to inventory configuration search, analysis and interrogation by 70%.
  • Allow IT staff to rapidly answer any inventory configuration related questions on their own, without any overhead.
  • Reduce risk related to direct environment access allowing IT staff to query all the configurations in Evolven.


Trusted by Leaders

Evolven is proven at the world’s leading enterprise customers, monitoring and analyzing millions of configuration changes and corelating risk in over 1 million environments every day.