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Evolven Secures Patent for Change Reconciliation Technology

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Evolven Secures Patent for Change Reconciliation Technology

Evolven’s ongoing commitment to revolutionizing enterprise IT processes


JERSEY CITY, NJ, May 10, 2022 - Evolven Software, provider of leading Change Control and Analytics software for the enterprise cloud, today announced it had secured a new patent from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). Evolven’s latest patent, USPTO Patent No.US 11,290325 B1, titled “System and method for change reconciliation in information technology systems”, recognizes the uniqueness of Evolven technology which helps enterprise IT regain control by automating the detection and reconciliation of changes.

“With the accelerated pace and high volume of changes happening across today’s agile and dynamic environments, we’ve seen many enterprises still struggle to ensure control in order to prevent stability, compliance, and security incidents,” said Bostjan Kaluza, Chief Data Scientist at Evolven. “The goal of Evolven’s change reconciliation technology is to automate critical processes frequently lacking or executed manually, helping enterprises put in place effective and efficient change controls.”

The uniqueness of Evolven’s technology and the crux of the patent is an ability to detect what actually changed in an environment and compare that to planned change requests and deployment events using sophisticated correlation. Evolven leverages machine learning and AI to identify the scope of planned change, implementation timeframe and most likely change implementers, such as using natural language processing to understand the scope of changes from a change request. The detected changes are compared to planned changes, producing an authorization score indicating if a particular detected change can be attributed to planned or pre-authorized change activity or not. The authorization score draws from the game-theory field, calculating a tradeoff between the cost of erroneously marking a change as authorized instead of unauthorized and vice versa.

This new technology will give IT Operations and ITSM teams clear visibility into the context of each implemented change, and ensure that no other changes anywhere in the environment are made without the proper authorization, compliance obligations are met, IT environments remain stable, and security gaps are closed quickly.

Evolven’s change correlation technology presents a significant leap compared to basic correlation by host and time only used by most change management and change detection technologies in the market. With Evolven, enterprises can save time and resources, as well as significantly improve the accuracy of change reconciliation.

“We are excited to offer this new technology to help enterprises effectively control what is going on in their environments,” said Bostjan Kaluza, Chief Data Scientist at Evolven. “This technology will provide effective visibility into changes being made, highlighting what has been changed outside of the process, and how it affects stability and security.”

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About Evolven

Although we all recognize that changes are the root cause of most security, compliance, and stability issues, IT still struggles to identify what has actually changed. Evolven allows enterprises to track all actual changes that have occurred in their environment, using machine learning to identify and prioritize the riskiest ones. With Evolven, IT Operations, DevOps, and ITSM teams experience fewer incidents, faster MTTR, and improved productivity.

Evolven is a recognized AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) leader and was named IDC Innovator of the year in 2017 and GartnerCool Vendor in IT Operations. Evolven has also been included in Red Herring Top 100 North America. TiE 50 Top Startups, 20 Most Promising Data Center Solution Providers, Top 10 Banking Analytics Solution Provider, and was a recipient of ITOA50 awards.