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NYCB Uses Evolven to Take a Proactive Approach Preventing and Troubleshooting Issues

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NYCB Uses Evolven to Take a Proactive Approach Preventing and Troubleshooting Issues

Evolven Helps Cut the Number of Incidents and Post Deployment Issues

Jersey City – June13, 2018Evolven Software Inc.,provider of the leading Change Analytics software, today announced that New York Community Bank (NYCB) uses Evolven to know ”WhatChanged?” This enables a proactive approach to IT operations, IT service management and release management. With Evolven,NYCB believes it can provide the best possible service to its customers.

NYCB joins dozens of leading banks, financial service providers, insurance companies, and other enterprises that use Evolven to dramatically improve incident prevention and troubleshooting—for both on-premise and cloud environments.

Today, NYCB uses Evolven to manage thousands of servers, network and other infrastructure devices as well as all the applications and services running on top of them. The full implementation of Evolven in NYCB took less than 6 months. Evolven allowed NYCB to slash troubleshooting time aspotential issues arouse. Evolven has also allowed for greater cooperation between the development teams and the infrastructure teams. NYCB has empowered the developers with access to Evolven so that they can meet expectations and manage their application changes.

Since deploying Evolven, NYCB reports that it has:

  • Reduced the number of incidents
  • Slashed mean-time-to-repair (MTTR)
  • Reduced the amount of post deployment issues
  • Managed to eliminate unauthorized changes
  • Assured that the DR environment is in a state of continuous readiness

“We use Evolven to know what changed. This enables us to take a proactive approach to release, CCM, and IT operations. With Evolven we find the true root-cause of incidents in a matter of minutes, and cut the number of incidents and post deployment issues, enabling us to provide the best possible service to our customers”, said Mark Psenicka, Enterprise Systems Monitoring Manager at NYCB.

“Evolven is used by dozens of leading enterprises in the US and Europe, who face the challenge of maintaining environment stability while accelerating the pace of change. NYCB is a perfect example of how IT operations can effectively manage the complexity and dynamics of today’s on-premise and cloud IT environments” said Sasha Gilenson, CEO of Evolven. “We are pleased to play an instrumental role in helping NYCB to maintain stable, compliant and secure IT environment and provide the best possible service to its customers.”

About Evolven

While it’s well known that unknown changes are the root cause of most stability issues, IT still struggles to know what actually changed. Until now…Evolven lets you finally know all actual changes carried out in your environment. It uses machine learning to detect and prioritize the most risky ones. With Evolven, IT Operations, DevOps and ITSM teams experience fewer incidents, faster MTTR, and improved productivity.

Evolven is a recognized IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) leader and was named IDC Innovator of the year in 2017, Gartner as a Cool Vendor in IT Operations. Evolven is also the winner of the Red Herring Top 100 North America. TiE 50 Top Startups, 20 Most Promising Data Center Solution Providers, Top 10 Banking Analytics Solution Provider, and ITOA50 awards.

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