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Aegon Netherlands Improves Environment Integrity with Evolven

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Serving millions of customers across the globe and employing around 23,000 people, Aegon is one of the world's largest multinationals, focusing on life insurance, pensions, savings and asset management products

Complexity and Frequency of Changes

With agile development practices radically driving up the number of releases, the Aegon Middleware Competence Center at Aegon Netherlands struggled to maintain consistency for lifecycle management and IT projects. Having to stay on top of many and frequent configuration changes, the Middleware Competence Center team felt the impact of those changes, with environments drifting from an optimally configured environment to being at risk. "We needed insight into all changes in our environments," said Mark Nowee, Middleware Competence Center Manager.

Without persistent visibility into the complex and dynamic IT environment configurations, Aegon problem resolution efforts were hampered. Despite automated deployment tools in place for streamlining release management and automating specific business processes, they lacked deployment verification and consistency.



Aegon selected Evolven's IT Operations Analytics solution to synchronize their servers and maintain environment integrity, providing operational stability and help to reduce the risk of outages. "Since implementing Evolven in our Netherlands operations, Aegon has seen improvements to consistency and stability," said Nowee. Evolven allows Aegon to:


  • Easily compare servers and business service environments, and detect what has changed.
  • Intelligently analyze and report inconsistencies, that could trigger an incident.
  • Compare multiple environments at once, even between working and non-working.
  • Identify an incident's root cause and highlight significant issues.


Providing fast notification of critical changes, Evolven IT Operations Analytics offers the Middleware Competence Center team more visibility and control of key changes, helping to resolve problems in minutes, and significantly increase system availability and improving performance.

Ensuring Consistency and Environment Stability. 

The Middleware Competence Center managers can expect to ensure 100% consistency of servers and maintain complete control of their environment 24x7. "When we had an issue with an application security setting, Evolven quickly showed us what changed in the configuration and it's criticality," said Nowee. Evolven helps to discover unauthorized changes that may otherwise not appear, allowing the Middleware Competence Center to make more qualified decisions and take proactive steps to dealing with unplanned changes. "Evolven quickly and easily zeros in on issues, making certain all changes have been thoroughly implemented," said Nowee. 

Cutting Mean-Time-to-Resolution

The team is accelerating the amount of time required to handle incidents that could pose risks that bring about slowdowns or downtime for mission critical environments. Using Evolven, The team can correlate output from Evolven's analysis engine with reported updates and even check on changes that take place outside the planned scope, in order to identify suspicious changes and prevent problems that can affect performance.


To effectively and efficiently remain compliant Aegon uses Evolven to efficiently generate compliancy reports. "Evolven produced a report for what happened on a given day, showing a particular change," explained Nowee, "With Evolven keeping complete, detailed traceability of all changes as well as an automated audit trail for maintaining and providing compliance takes just minutes."


About Aegon

As an international insurance, pensions and asset management company based in The Hague, Aegon has businesses in over twenty markets in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Aegon companies employ over 23,000 people and have millions of customers across the globe. Further information: www.aegon.com