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Accelerate with Confidence to T+1

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Accelerate with Confidence
to T+1 Settlement

On May 28, 2024 the SEC needs you to be ready.






4 Ways Evolven's Critical Risk Intelligence Platform Assures T+1 Success

  • Change Visibility and Rapid Root Cause Analysis to prevent incidents caused by risky changes in trade operations.

  • Unauthorized Changes that can present serious risks to T+1 transaction assurance.

  • Detect consistency across comparable servers and across trade operations in prod, pre-prod and disaster recovery.

  • Configuration Verification to maintain risk posture during and after test using agile automated processes to achieve T+1.

integrity monitoring solutions image

Visibility & Root Cause Analysis

You need to know about risky changes before problems impede transaction time!

Unauthorized Change Solution brief image

Unauthorized Change Detection

Unauthorized change could lead to costly delays or outages at T+1 speed and scale.

Evolven Drift Detection image

Availability Consistency & Drift Prevention

Configuration inconsistencies will increase risk of failure high performance T+1 infrastructure.

Configuration Management solution image

Configuration Verification

Tracking, measuring, and mitigating risks will assure T+1 transition efforts stay on track,


Resource Library

Build your understanding and know-how with documentation from Evolven partners and customers.

In an effort to help you to achieve your goals for this Marathon called T+1, Evolven will provide useful resources here such as infographics, blog posts, white papers, videos, and more to assist you in crossing the finish line successfully.

How to Transition with Confidence

T+1 image

SEC Shortening the Securities Transaction Settlement Cycle

T+1 image


T+1 image

Lifecycle of a Trade Infographic Source: DTCC

T+1 image

T+1 Securities Settlement Industry Implementation Playbook

T+1 image

T+1 Transaction Timeline From 1976 to May 2024 and beyond.

T+1 image

Advancing Development Efforts: Developing for T+1 Settlements

T+1 image

Testing for T+1 Transaction Readiness "Starts" in August: A Crucial Milestone

T+1 image

Get to T+1 with Confidence Talk to Evolven To Ensure Success

Frequently Asked Questions

What's T+1?

On February 15, 2023, the Securities and Exchange Commission adopted a rule amendment to shorten the standard settlement cycle for securities trades from two business days after the trade date to one business day after the trade date (or from "T+2" to "T+1")

What expertise does Evolven have with this?

Since 2007 Evolven has been working with some of the largest financial entities in the world to help the ensure security, compliance, and reliability of the entire IT enterprises. When our Finserv customers moved to T+2 we helped and we're doing the same for T+1.

When you say CONFIGURATION what do you mean?

For the Evolven Configuration Risk Intelligence platform a "configuration" is just about anything that defines how a system is configured, which includes not only granular settings in files, but could be code, infrastructure as code, database structure, stored procedures, the definition of Kubernete's parameters, or how a firewall is setup. If you really want to get into the details see our Supported Technologies page or talk to our experts!

Are you ready?

We are here to help you accelerate with confidence to T+1.