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Jane Clabby

By offering a solution that is "change-centric", Evolven has zeroed in on the dynamic nature of today's IT environments.


Research Analyst,
Clabby Analytics

Dennis Drogseth - EMA

Evolven is leading the way in making advanced analytics more natively, and more effectively, a part of IT operations overall.


Vice President,
Enterprise Management Associates

DanielDaniel Gutierrez

Extracting insights and drawing intelligent correlations from a variety of data, Blended Analytics helps to see beyond individual components.


Managing Editor,

James Robertson

Evolven Software got our attention by coming to redefine the IT Operations Analytics space.


Managing Editor,
Banking CIO Outlook

Peter Philipsen

Evolven has made us a more reliable partner for the business side.


Manager of Application Delivery & Support,
DLL's European Vendor Finance Unit

cioHarvi Sachar

The Evolven approach addresses IT pain points with a Blended Analytics solution that extracts insights and draws intelligent correlations from the various types of data.


Publisher and Founder,

Information Management

Evolven Blended Analytics correlates cross silo data sources with changes – the true root causes of performance and availability issues.


19 Big Data and Analytics Developments,
To Track

David Chivers

Thanks to Evolven, what took weeks now takes hours or less.


VSE Corporation

Mark Nowee

Since implementing Evolven in our Netherlands operations, Aegon has seen improvements to consistency and stability.


Middleware Competence Center Manager,
Aegon Netherlands

cioCIO Review

Evolven complements HP's broad range product portfolio with its ITOA technology that adds a new strategic dimension.


20 Most Promising HP,
Solution Providers

Dan Kusnetzky ImageDan Kusnetzky

Evolven can collect operational information from a number of analytical tools, such as Splunk or Dynatrace, and use that data as part of its overall analysis. The tool looked easy to use and easy to understand.


Kusnetzky Group LLC

alex vieuxAlex Vieux

Evolven embodies the vision, drive and innovation that define a successful entrepreneurial venture.


Publisher and CEO,
Red Herring