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Proactively addressing incidents in hybrid cloud environments

In today’s complex hybrid cloud application environments, it doesn’t make economic sense to fix every problem. Some incidents aren’t that serious, and the cost (in both money and time) to address incidents can vary widely.

Overcoming the Hurdles of Application Interdependency and Configuration Risk

Negotiating Cloud Application Change and Risk with Observability

An Intellyx Analyst Guide for Evolven

The Future of AI-Powered ITOps

Automated Change Management and Risk Assessment with Evolven LLM Expert Agents



Female tech strategist behind a yellow background. White Paper title 'AI for Configuration Risk Governance' in white and black letters. In the center of the image. Author - Charley Rich - Former Gartner Analyst  & Evolven Tech Strategist in black letters in front of a white background, below the white paper title.

AI for Configuration Risk Governance

White Paper title 'Prevent Problems Using Four-Dimensional Observability - Reduce Risk, Improve Customer Experience, and Innovate Faster using Evolven with AppDynamics' in white and yellow letters in front of a man behind a telescope. Author - Charley Rich - Former Gartner Analyst  & Evolven Tech Strategist in black letters in front of a white background, below the white paper title.

Prevent Problems Using Four-Dimensional Observability

Download of a white paper title 'Data Science at Evolven: Change-Centric AIOps' in black letters behind a solid lime green down arrow.

Data Science at Evolven: Change-Centric AIOps

White Paper title 'Getting Ready for OCC Unauthorized Change Control Requirements' in blue letters in front of a

Getting Ready for OCC Unauthorized Change Control Requirements

A practical 12-page guide from the digital transformation analyst firm Intellyx will give you critical insights and steps to take to prepare your company to proactively address OCC challenges.

451 Research: In DevOps, understanding change is key

In this report, 451 Research analysts explain why understanding the changes that occur is crucial for DevOps professionals tasked with driving top performance in apps and services.

Breaking it down: The true cost of IT downtime

Packed with multiple real-life incidents, industry studies and benchmarks,this insightful guide explores the financial impacts (direct and indirect) of downtime and outages, on your organization.

Optimizing Application Performance Through Real-Time Change Awareness With Evolven.

In this report, EMA's Vice President, Dennis Drogseth, explains the challenges facing organizations adopting cloud and DevOps, and how "Evolven brings together APM tools to answer “what’s wrong with my application?” “what’s changed?” and “why?”

ROI Analysis

This analysis outlines the quantitative and qualitative benefits of Evolven across multiple use cases.

Incidents in the Cloud?
Yes, Quite a Bit, And Here's How to Overcome Them!

Download the new white paper to learn how complete visibility into actual changes and historical states of Cloud environments will ensure successful incident and problem management in Cloud operations.

Unauthorized Changes - How to Identify, Manage and Address

Download the new white paper to learn how to gain clear, granular visibility into changes, including authorized and unauthorized changes.

Top 5 IT Ops Challenges and How Machine Learning Can Help

Download the new white paper to learn how Machine learning can help IT teams unlock the value hidden in huge volumes of operations data, reducing the time to find and diagnose issues.

How Evolven Blended Analytics Is Helping To Transform IT Efficiency and Value

Learn how blended analytics delivers unparalleled IT operations insights.

Data Science @ Evolven

Learn how Evolven applies machine learning for correlation, risk assessment and noise reduction.

IT Operations Analytics eBook

Learn how it can provide actionable insights for addressing practical day-to-day operations questions.